November 19, 2008

Tony Lo Bianco is LaGuardia!

“LaGuardia” starring Tony Lo Bianco re-opens for one week only on November 17th.

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"A delight! New York's most colorful mayor comes alive. A wonderful evening
of theater. Tony Lo Bianco is brilliant!"
Jeffrey Lyons, WNBC

“Tony Lo Bianco shines in his stirring solo show about New York’s legendary
mayor. Lo Bianco’s impassioned delivery of a vintage campaign speech could
have been written yesterday. A highly energetic and entertaining
Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

“Tony Lo Bianco is a supremely talented and innovative actor who brings
Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia to life in an evening so exhilarating that New
Yorkers - especially political junkie types -- who don't catch this one-man
show should be fined. It would be a crime to miss it!“
Linda Stasi, New York Post, commentator, NY1


“It was wonderful. Now I know what to do.”
Mayor Michael Bloomberg after seeing “LaGuardia.”

“Brilliant! A man of and for the people. Government at its best.”
Peter Vallone, Fmr. Council Speaker, New York City

“Lo Bianco is a knockout. He captures LaGuardia’s essence in this funny and
poignant play. He is inspiring!”
Congressman Mario Biaggi


Tony Lo Bianco is LaGuardia!
To watch the joyous faces of all who see him in this role reminds us of the great love New Yorkers still have for their former Mayor"
Katherine D. LaGuardia, granddaughter and Chair, Fiorello H. LaGuardia Foundation

LaGuardia to the rescue!

Tony Lo Bianco
stars in

Dicapo Theatre
184 E. 76th Street (corner Lexington Avenue)
November 17-22
Tickets Online at or call 212-868-4444

In 1933, during the Great Depression, one million New Yorkers were out of work. Thanks to his great foresight and initiative, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia obtained over $250 billion in federal aid from the WPA which paid for over 4,000 public works projects in New York City. By 1935, 208,000 New Yorkers were off the bread lines and back to work.

What would LaGuardia do today?

“LaGuardia,” a one-man show starring Tony Lo Bianco, re-opens after a successful run in October on November 17th and runs to November 22nd at the Dicapo Opera Theatre, 184 E. 76th Street. Evening performances are at 8PM with Wednesday and Saturday matinees at 2PM.

“LaGuardia” takes place in 1945 on the last day of Fiorello H. LaGuardia’s third term as mayor of New York City. With colorful language and emotional integrity Mayor LaGuardia relates his rise to power and his successful fight against Tammany Hall and political corruption in New York City.

According to Lo Bianco: “It is important to inspire and inform people of our history. To remind them that there was a great and compassionate man who was a dreamer and a doer, willing to sacrifice himself for the good of others. LaGuardia was a complex, hot-tempered and colorful man of extraordinary character and courage. President Harry Truman said of LaGuardia that he was: ‘A man as incorruptible as the sun.’”

The problems that LaGuardia tackled are the same that we face today. Political and corporate corruption, partisan bickering, economic difficulties, social tensions. Both as a congressman and mayor of New York City LaGuardia took them all on. And won.

“What the world needs today is LaGuardia!”

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